About Us


Spatial Gaming, Inc

  Spatial is a glasses free, augmented reality gaming platform. Star Wars came out 40 years ago and there is still no projection-based holographic gaming out there. People want augmented reality and they don’t want to pay $600 a person to do it. Spatial has it and without having to strap a computer to your face.

Mass Adoption of AR

AR won’t reach the masses until an AR experience is inexpensive and content is made for the casual gamer. We have a projected holographic gaming environment with a breakthrough price that will open up the market. We will also help solve the conundrum of IP and content owners that want AR but have to wait because of cost.


What We Are

Spatial is one part rig-maker and one part gaming studio. We are tech and gaming veterans. Each of our team leads have previously launched breakthrough technologies in video processing, hardware and of course gaming. Our goal is to bring the awesome of holographic content and augmented reality into the mainstream.


Do you like cool things? We like cool things. Let’s talk about how joining Spatial can help bring holographic coolness to the mainstream.

 We are currently looking for:

  • Concept artists
  • Game designers
  • Animators
  • Business Developers